Bio-Oligo M Complex® what is it?

All Byenfarm products contain 100% Natural Ingredients, carefully selected for their purifying and regenerating properties and characteristics. But this is not enough to obtain a product, albeit of quality, able to provide safe, effective and lasting solutions.

Many products on the market have formulations whose action stops at a very superficial level of the skin, the product is not absorbed in an optimal way, thus making every effort and attempt to make the skin fresher, healthy and younger.

It is no coincidence that the change of brand or product line is becoming increasingly frequent within the family environment, unknowingly generating further stress to the skin, especially in the presence of cosmetics with a prevalent synthesis formulation.

From Love for Nature and the Passion for Science, after years of research, we have enriched our Bio-Eco Cosmetics of an Innovative Complex: the Bio-Oligo M Complex®, a Complex of precious oligo-elements (Platinum Gold Silver), in colloidal form highly bio-available and highly assimilable.

The Bio-Oligo M Complex® (thanks to the action of its components in colloidal form that act in depth) enhances the regenerating effects of the active ingredients contained in our products, thus contributing to restoring the natural balance of the skin.

Each of these oligo-elements (Gold Silver Platinum), inserted in the Bio-Oligo M Complex®, carries out a specific mission:

GOLD: a favorite gift from Gods, it has anti-aging and regenerating properties.

SILVER: used since ancient times, has always been known as a powerful natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

PLATINUM: natural restorative, facilitates the renewal of the skin, reactivates cellular processes, hydrates, destroys free radicals.

The Bio-Oligo M Complex® therefore plays a stimulating action of all the active ingredients present in our products, accelerating their absorption and giving us an immediate sense of well-being and a visible sense of balance.                                                

                                                                                                  Bio-Oligo M Complex®  

                                                                                                as precious as your skin