BYENFARM Organic Cosmetic Manufacturer

Byenfarm, founded in 2014, was born from the idea of ​​combining natural ingredients with the most recent technological discoveries in the field of cell regeneration.

The goal is to create cutting-edge bio-cosmetic products. To achieve this result we use in-depth research and studies and select 100% organic ingredients. Medicinal plants, precious elements in colloidal form and the BioOligo M Complex®, a special component that characterizes all our products, create a unique combination of its kind.

Technology enhances nature, ancient herbal knowledge rediscover new life, the latest scientific findings in the molecular field bring out the properties of natural active ingredients: this is how our bio-cosmetics are born, designed for those who want to feel in harmony with themselves taking care of your body with effective products respecting the nature and the environment that surrounds us.

WHAT MAKES OUR UNIQUE PRODUCTS? All Byenfarm products contain Natural Ingredients and Organic Origin carefully selected for regenerating properties and characteristics. Our bio-cosmetics are enriched by an innovative formula: the Bio-Oligo M Complex®, a complex of precious oligo-elements in colloidal form, highly bio-available and highly assimilable.

Bio-Oligo M Complex® enhances the regenerative effects of the active ingredients contained in the products and helps to restore the natural balance of our skin. This is the recipe that makes our products so special and unique.

For us at Byenfarm, wellness also passes through the skin. This is why we put into our products all the knowledge available today in both herbal and scientific research.

We want our products to give those who use them a sense of well-being that derives from the awareness of having chosen a quality product rich in precious ingredients.