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Why choose Byenfarm®

Nowadays, choosing a natural cosmetic can be difficult because the market is very rich in such products that offer different purposes and users are often inexperienced.

It often happens that, waking up in the morning, you find yourself with dry, dull and dehydrated skin. At that point we run from the trusted dermatologist who, in most cases, lists us the reasons why our skin deteriorates with the passing of time: aging, stress, and partly also atmospheric conditions.

Unfortunately, choosing a wrong product, we risk aggravating the already degenerated state of our skin; this happens because, very often, we resort to products that do not maintain what they promise or, simply, have been made with elements, or a mix of substances that produce very bland results often generating side effects even more serious than the initial problems especially if the active ingredients are of poor quality and in very low concentrations.

Therefore, how should we address the problem?

The goal of a natural cosmetic is to take care of the health of your skin, regardless of the cause of the problem and treat it with due time and effectively.

In recent times, both the most important and the less well-known brands have joined, alongside their traditional lines, a line of so-called "natural" products, ie made with pure extracts of naturally occurring and untreated elements, without those substances chemicals generally present in most of their formulations.

Even in this case it is still very important to examine your skin, understand what the problem is at the base and find the most suitable solution or that product that does not first have unwanted effects. The sector is certainly rich in a wide range of so-called natural products generically indicated to all, whose purpose would be to make our skin softer, more silky and more hydrated.

Having said that, it is good to underline that the natural product must help and assist in resolving and assisting in the most effective way possible without having any negative side effects. Byenfarm®, an innovative Italian company, has created two lines of natural cosmetics, keeping these concepts in mind.

DERMAKLASS® and KURADERMA® are in fact able to provide concrete results that can be found since the first applications and even more evident with the passing of the weeks of continuous treatment.

The DERMAKLASS® line has been designed to regenerate the skin deeply, ensuring an increase in tone and elasticity of the epidermis; through the correct use of our cosmetics, we are able to achieve truly visible and lasting results over time.

The KURADERMA® line was created to "cure" our natural skin and thus rediscover the lost form, avoiding taking products based on chemical or synthetic molecules.

KURADERMA® products come in the form of real cosmetics but also have a preventive and also "curative" function.

It is important, however, to specify that by law only in the case of drugs we can define a truly curative product; therefore the use of these cosmetics should not replace any products and preparations prescribed by a doctor.

In any case very often, our formulations are excellent adjuvants.

The KURADERMA® line also includes some cosmetics specifically designed for the delicate skin of babies and children.

All Byenfarm® cosmetics are characterized by the BIO-OLIGO M COMPLEX®, a special combination of: - Precious trace elements of SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM in colloidal form.

Colloidal Silver is known as a natural antibacterial precursor of current antibiotics. It also has antifungal properties and disinfectants, is used to counter many situations of bacterial origin. Its healing properties must not be underestimated; in fact it is very useful to improve the cicatrization in case of: abrasions, burns and wounds.

Colloidal Gold improves skin elasticity, awakens cell regeneration, balances melanin production, improves breathing and skin nutrition, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the dermis.

Colloidal Platinum is a cellular renewer of the skin, destroys free radicals, reactivates the cellular process, hydrates the skin and improves the penetration of the active elements. We also include elements with natural active ingredients of biological origin, dermocompatible and specially selected.

The natural active ingredients are none other than the substances that we find in plants: they are called "active" because they perform one or more of their activities on our body: in fact, for a principle to be defined as active it must act and have an action on our body going to modify one or more functions that cause us various problematic damages and or annoyances.

For example, the active ingredient of Hypericum leaves known as "St. John's Wort", is the hypericin present in our restorative and soothing creams of the KURADERMA® line, a very precious substance that can be defined as a real cure-all in the treatment of many problems, discomfort of the skin, in addition to carrying out important anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The Byenfarm® cosmetics are dermatologically tested not on animals, they are hypoallergenic and free of: dyes, opacifiers, synthetic perfumes, petroleum derivatives, parabens, texturizers, solvents and silicones.

They are also easily and quickly absorbed by our skin without the pores of the dermis being obstructed, since they are highly natural products and absolutely free of substances harmful to the skin.

There are currently no competing products that come close in terms of features, ease of use and price.

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